Installation & construction of greenhouses and glasshouses
Optimize plant cultivation with our high-quality greenhouse structures and professional installation and construction services. We offer safe and resilient structures that guarantee optimal conditions for plant growth in any environment.
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Ensure optimal conditions for plant growth with our greenhouse equipment installation service, offering irrigation, heating, ventilation, and pest protection. With just one call to our team, you'll have everything you need for successful cultivation.
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Welcome to our greenhouse construction company, where we blend passion, expertise, and unwavering commitment to deliver outstanding results for your project. We understand that choosing the right partner is crucial, here’s why we stand out as the ideal choice:

Choose excellence. Choose Agrikol UK

Our Projects

Glasshouse Construction
Greenhouse Construction
Greenhouse Construction
Greenhouse Construction
Greenhouse Construction
Greenhouse Construction

15 years of experience in the construction industry

Agrikol UK has achieved rapid global growth. This trend has solidified our reputation as a forward-thinking company that provides services swiftly, punctually, and efficiently.


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